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December 16, 2008
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-: Frequently Asked Questions :-
-: Dragons :-

1). What is a dragon?

Really it depends on how you're looking at it- A dragon is (widely believed to be) a mythological creature, usually reptilian. Western dragons are usually winged and fire-breathing, eastern are usually elongated and wingless. There is also a huge amount of variety between those two types.

A Dragonkin however is a human who believes themselves to be a dragon in some way. This is usually through-

Spirit/soul- A dragonkin may believe themselves to be dragon through having a dragon soul/spirit.

Reincarnation- A dragonkin may believe that they were once a dragon through a past life as a dragon that left such an impact on them that it carried on through to the next life.

Connection- A dragonkin may believe that they have a strong connection with either a living, dead or concept of a dragon which is tied to them strong enough to actually warrent being a dragonkin.
It is not physical.

Some dragonkin will conform to the mythological image of a dragon but there are also a huge amount that will have unique variations. Most dragonkin will have either memories of being a dragon or a vague idea of what they look like in the physical sense of dragon. But this is not always the case.


2). Do dragons really exist?

Yes they do, but again it depends.

Dragons in the mythological sense exist in many ways but not physically in this wrold. However there are multiple amounts of people that will claim that dragons exist on the astral plane, in other realities/dimensions or simply through our world-wide acknowledgement of the concept of 'dragon'.

Dragons also exist in this world in the form of a few reptiles out there (aka in the komodo and bearded sense) and in the form of dragonkin. Most people on this forum would say that Dragonkin exist as would most Dragonkin.  


3). Do they have wings and breathe fire ?

Yes and No.

NO- Dragons do not have wings and breathe fire because dragonkin are humans.

YES- Dragonkin sometimes experience the sensation of phantom limbs (much like amputee patients) which will mimic the draconic extensions of their body sommetimes including (but not limited to) tail, scales, horns, spines and even wings.

A dragonkin may posess the memories of breathing fire from a past life. And of course there's also always that rare few who decide to act upon their impulses/memories and take up the skill of fire-breathing as a hobby.


4). Do they have any magical abilities?

You'll find some dragonkin out there claiming to possess more 'magical abilities' because they are dragonkin but this doesn't tend to be the case. The truth is dragonkin have just as much chance/skill/will with magic etc. as any other human out there.


5). Can dragons physically morph into a dragon body?

Most dragonkin out there would view it as being physically impossible or highly improbable to physically change into a dragon in any way shape or form. However there are an infamous few in the community who will claim the ability to physically change into their dragon form. These people are usually viewed with much scrutiny in the otherkin and dragonkin community.


6). Are there "good" and "bad" dragons?

Well this really depends on the person. Some people may claim the alignment that their dragon is alleged to have but the vast amount will not.

So basically it really depends on wether the person is good or bad, and this usually depends on the experiences they have in life and not the fact that they believe themselves to be a dragon.

I could go onto whether or not there really are any good or bad people but I think we'll leave that one upto personal opinion.


7). How can you tell if someone is a dragon?

The short answer is you can't. Dragonkin are people just like anyone else- they were raised by humans have lived a long life as humans and therefore act like humans pretty damn well.

Some might suggest that if you're aware of dragonkin then you can pick out behaviour that might seem 'odd' or draconic, maybe this is the case sometimes, but for the most part dragonkin act like humans. Besides there are alot more bizarre actions out there than a person who ocassionally growls or hisses.

Of course there are a few who believe that dragonkin can be seen through their aura or other means of spiritual detection. However, there is no solid and consistent footing for this yet.


8). How long does a dragon live for?

Seeing as dragonkin are the same as any other human being they live for the exact same amount of time as any other human being. Their chances of dropping down dead are therefore exactly the same.


9). Are dragons naturally short-tempered and ravenous?

I feel that a dragonkin's nature is more likely to be influenced by their overall life experiences than by simply associating themselves with the label dragonkin. Afterall by saying that they're not acknowledging anything that wasn't already there.

But, like in all cases, there are some dragonkin out there who would claim their draconity to have an effect on there behviour or, in some cases, totally overwhelmed by their draconic nature.

Some dragonkin may also try and alter their behaviour in order to live up to the mythological dragons that are so often spoke about. But in these cases they are usually trying to better themselves instead of become more short-tempered etc.


10). Can someone be turned into a dragon?

Generally this is responded by with an astounding NO.

Most otherkin would claim that being otherkin/dragonkin is something that is already deeply indented on the person from birth and therefore a person cannot be turned into a dragon. Dragonkin usually go through an awakening which is where they realise what they are but there is no turning.

But there are a few cases that could be considered as causing a person to be turned into a dragonkin.

Walk-ins for example (where an external spirit 'walks in' to an already inhabitted body) could be seen as a person being turned into a dragon. Connection dragonkin may also rarely claim to have be turned into a dragonkin- claim that they had a connection with a dragon and in the end this connection impacted on them so intensly that it turned them into a dragonkin.

However these cases tend to be uncommon. Any other sort of 'turning' into a dragon would most likely be improbable.
This is my little Version of Dragon FAQ. Based on the FAQ on the main page of
Hope y'all like it.
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SeaDragonST Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Honestly you are in unkown waters.... Hssssssss

"9). Are dragons naturally short-tempered and ravenous?"
It's FAQ's like these that make me gag. LIKE WHAT IN THE ABSOLUTE FUCK.

The awnser should atleast have included: Aren't there kind dragons out there? Most of the dragonkin that actually do say their personality relates with their draconity... but that's exactly what changed them into higher consciousness and spiritual awareness, sense of bliss, all knowing and oneness of mother earth and the creature on earth, the skies and beyond.

arulin Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013
4: I disagree on the magik portion of what you are saying but magik is on a spiritual (where mind and soul rein but this crud mass) plane. I suggest looking into a wicca/shaman path if you wish to learn more. Our spiritual energies are much higher then a human.

I got told by a witch to leave her shop as she was trying to do a reading and my presence basically overpowered her reading as an example of how strong we are.

5: Only on the spirit plane, aka the dream time.

9: Agreed to a degree but dragon passion is a common trait even in half breeds.

10: Fae-kin dragons can. Through three ways but that is more towards the fairy then the dragon at least from what my spirit walks have shown me.

Yes I am also unicorn, the blight of both races, a half breed of each. Seriously I do feel at times more compelled towards my fae-kin the either because of the ways of both dragons and unicorns at time annoy me. I exist and gave my perception. Everything I can say this person is correct on. It seems to be fairy energies are like a glue between other energies/spirit dna but that the only way I can see of a transformation kinship.
TheDragonWithinYou Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
Personally I do not believe in any of this "reincarnation" stuff. BUT, there is a scientific explanation for pretty much everything out there. I know in this FAQ you said it is impossible for one to take a form of another being. If you look at it scientifically it is theoretically possible. You see, the average person can only use up to 5% of there brain at once. If someone, one day, could figure out how to access their full brain's potential, who knows what they would be capable of. A persons brain commands their body and tells it what to do, and, it also commands the nervous system, witch commands the lungs, heart and cells and so on. So pretty much, if someone gained access to their full brains potential, they would be able to control their cells and genetic makeup witch will also change their physical appearance. So one would have the ability to change into any form they would want just by thinking of it, and yes a dragons too. and people who claim to be "dragonkins" could simply have a genetic relation to one through many years of evolution. And yes, i do believe that at one point dragons existed because primates had to evolve from somewhere, and dragons don't necessarily have to be creatures of "magic" it is just simply unexplained science.
SeaDragonST Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
In a sense where did the dragon evolve? Where are they? In our mind, souls, spirits and psyche. They are everywhere in every culture from every time, the concept is ancient and dragons are pretty much just as real as god is. Because they are one and the same thing in the great sheme of things. If you believe in god, you might as well believe in dragons. Because you can and are free to do so... And it's that freedom that gives power to spirituality. Especially to such innocent and non pervasive group of dragonkin, compared to christians and jews who kill millions each day.
SeaDragonST Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As a fellow dragon,
And because you have dared to name your Account "TheDragonWithinYou", reincarnation... Well dragons haven't existed... they exist.
Dino's have already evolved into dragons. The otherkin experience is much like digging up old fractures of your infinite self.

Actually science proves that magic, dragons and faeries are real.
It is known as Quantum Physica, String Theory, New General Theory of Relativity combined into The Great Unifying Theory SSCFGUT. Just most mainstream scientist call all the quantum reflections of it's infinity SIGMA, and only leave it up the mainstream science freaks and media control to filter out the whole meaning of real science.

The dragon is within me I am a SeaDragon.
TheDragonWithinYou Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013
I understand your point, and I found it pretty interesting. But i simply view the old myths of magic as unexplained science. And as a matter of fact, if your interested I have recently watched this documentary actually PROVING the existence of dragons…

and just ignore the name of my account, It does not mean anything, I just thought that it sounded cool :P

swandog Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
You might want to submit this to :icondragonkin-den: and :icondragonkin-group: :)
Ealdeth Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011
This is very nice. I really like this little FAQ on dragonkin. I can agree the answers
SkalblakaFang Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
Wow I didn't think I would find you here Ealdeth.
Ealdeth Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013
really, why is that
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